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Diva 65 Project provides life coaching for women over 50, empowerment calls, networking, and resources to help them live their best lives now! 

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“I embrace my DIVA because it makes me happy and sets me free”

– Lady Bella

Happy Woman

Are you ready to embrace your distinctive individual, virtue, and authenticity (DIVA)? Lady B and the DIVA65 Project are committed to helping you unlock your enter “DIVA” and become all that God has called you to be.  Roll up your sleeves, ladies, and let’s get started on the rest of our amazing lives! The journey will be AWESOME!



If you are looking to make needed powerful changes in your life, the DIVA65 Network is the place for you.  Lady, we have just what you’ve been looking for. Do you need friendship? We got it! Do you need coaching? We got it! Do you need laughter, healing, and direction? We can help!


DIVA65 was created to empower, inspire, and free women over 50 to discover, embrace, and love their distinctive individuality, virtue, and authenticity while enjoying their lives, building lasting friendships, and navigating life’s challenges.  

Are you determined to discover your DIVA with an appetite for fabulous? Then, lady, you have found your new home for empowerment, inspiration, fun, relationships, growth, and healing!


"We can’t wait to help you have fun learning new things about yourself, from a new fashion sense, a new spiritual sense to simply new hobbies."

- Lady Bella 

Our Mission

Is to empower women over 50 to embrace, love, and step into their DIVA (distinctive, individual, virtue, and authenticity) through coaching, classes, love, support and relationships.

Our Vision

Is to gracefully impact the lives of women over 50, helping them to redeem the past while embracing their future to powerfully step into their DIVA (distinctive, individual, virtue, and authenticity).

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